Sunday, 17 March 2013

Politicians to blame for attacks on minority groups

The religious leaders of Hindu temples and homes across the country in recent attacks in Bangladesh
The religious leaders of Hindu temples and homes across the country in recent attacks on the WAKE commitment from political leaders to seek their safety.The leaders said they fear such attacks can be run through the next election.

At least 47 people were killed in the Temple, and the recent attacks in the district 37 to 1,500 belonging to the Hindu temple vandalized during the fire was set, according to Bangladesh Udjapon Council of worship.
Statistics is a monitoring cell installed on 1 March in Dhaka's Dhakeswari national temple came from, but the council's main Kajal Debnath

The Unity Council Hindu-Bouddha-Christiain will be much higher than the amount of damages. Ninety-nine temples, with 48 of them, were stolen vandalized and burned it down, the organization's general secretary Rana Dasgupta told "Nearly 2,000 of the 'houses were burnt down."
Attack upon Hindus in Bangladesh

"Politics is not supposed to be this bad. Way to the top politicians say, is the instigator of the conflict," he said. "BNP and Jamaat said they do not carry out attacks are also denying says. Awami League say they have no involvement with any questions. Then who is it?" Dasgupta said that all the political leaders, was to see them. "They work by their politicians that they are guilty, not. Evidence can"

"They do politics, but it is clear that we are not to be guinea pigs," he said. Dasgupta Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics cited that Hindu and Christian and other minorities, 9.7 percent of the population was below 21 percent in 1971 and 19.7 percent in 2012 from 1947. "Minorities' houses and their assets away from the temple is the main reason for attacking her. Culture started in 1947," he said.

He fears that if current trends continue, the number of one percent of the total population will come down to the next 10 years. Udjapon worship for the special assistance of the Council of Chief Devnath said they do not want any. "We can only wish that our suffering is not in our name."

"If this was the end, then it has to be peaceful., But this is not the end. More will come to judge war crimes., This kind of work before and after the elections with a target. Completing" He must be aware of the attack, calling on the administration and political parties.

Bangladesh Puja Udjapon Nirmal Kumar Chatterjee, general secretary of the Joint Council, said in a report prepared by the authorities and foreign agencies monitoring cell will soon be filed with the results.

Hindus are victim in Bangladesh

Government assistance to the victims was not satisfactory, he said. Bangladesh Hindu-Christian Unity Council presidium member must-Subrata Chowdhury to the government who was always involved in suppression of minorities' rights in Bangladesh and later recalled in history.

"We believe you do not want to be involved in the 2013 attack. However, they failed to ensure justice. Local authorities failed to take the necessary action," he said.

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